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A Classy Man’s Guide to Pairing Watches with Outfits

February 12, 2018

A Classy Man’s Guide to Pairing Watches with Outfits

If you are conscious – and conscientious – about your overall appearance, then you must give more than a second thought to your wristwatch and the message it conveys to whomever you meet. Remember, a high-quality bespoke timepiece is an extension of your personality, your personal style and how you carry yourself, but it should never be the centre of attention. As a classy gentleman, you are above such juvenile pursuits as desiring conversation focused on your choice of a wristwatch. Owning and wearing a fine timepiece such as one crafted by Tiffany®, Audemars Piquet®, TAG Heur, Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, or others, will make a statement about you as a man but should not be the only statement made.

Clothing, obviously, is another important aspect to the “public” you that helps define someone’s perceptions – but, again, it should not be the only statement you make about who you are. The question becomes: How do you pair the two, a luxury timepiece with business attire, casual wear, or any other outfit? Here are some thoughts to help make certain your watch-outfit combinations are spot on.

# 1 - Your Watch is an Extension of Your Outfit

A luxury timepiece may be an expensive investment you have aspired to make for a long time, but you must realize it is an extension, an accessory, designed to further accentuate your appearance. It serves an important function in telling time, but also relates your personality and story to the world. This can be achieved with a single watch that you match with a particular activity, such as water sports, or expanded to include multiple timepieces for different occasions – a black tie event, a casual night out, keeping time while at work, or any activity in between. The occasion often is paired with certain manner of dress and, as a result, your wristwatch.


#2 – Versatility in Numbers

Just as your clothing is segmented for certain occasions, a true gentleman finds gratification in a basic set of wristwatches for the same reason. Thus, you should consider:

  • An all-around dress watch, preferably with a silver case. Combined with a thin leather band of the highest quality, this wristwatch can be silver or rhodium, white gold, or stainless steel. For the band, think of purchasing two – one black, one brown, but both with simple finishes that speak to understated elegance. The Patek Phillipe Calatrava would be a fine choice if budget permits or the Nomos Tangente on the lower end of the budget.  
  • Pair a second dress watch with a rose or gold case, something which enhances your suspender clasps, belt buckles, shoelace aglets, cufflinks, a money clip or other pocket ring accessory, or your eye glasses. We think the IWC Portugieser fits the bill perfectly here! Again, look for two bands if finances allow.
  • A casual or sport watch that is element-resistant, but nonetheless unassuming. Choose a sport model with a face that eschews flamboyance, and instead focus on a basic colour scheme like black or navy. Timepieces in this category can be feature-rich (chronograph, an alarm, count-down timer, and so forth). A casual watch, such as a Timex Weekender, can often do double-duty by swapping out bands along with the Omega Speedmaster.
  • A pocket timepiece. Though some men – not you, of course – consider a pocket watch old fashioned or out of step with modern trends, this type of watch speaks volumes about your appreciation for classic style, elegance, and newer interpretations of timeless design. Depending on the event, glancing at a wristwatch can be interpreted as being disinterested or bored in your surroundings. But a pocket watch, discreetly placed in your vest, jacket, or pocket, means you can excuse yourself to a private location to check the time without drawing attention.
  • A personal timepiece is all about you. It perfectly captures your personality at a unique moment in time. It could be the newest design you had to have, and can be of any category – dress, sport, casual. This watch brings your style to the fore, effortlessly blending into whatever outfit you choose.

Your Timepiece Should Match the Dress Code

Match your timepiece with a dress code that is appropriate for the event. If wearing a coat or suit, choose a dress watch. The same goes if you are attending a wedding, funeral, or baptism; garden party; black-tie or charity event; or elegant night out. A casual or sports watch is best suited to a backyard barbecue, sporting event, a day spent on the lake, biking, or event where you may be a spectator or participant. It also is important to select watch metal, face colour, and wrist band with other accessories.

Check out our handy infographic below to help you choose the perfect watch for the perfect occasion: 

Now, for those of you who don’t necessarily have the luxury of owning multiple watches then a great way to mix things up is to change the strap to match the occasion / outfit. Check out our range of handmade leather watch straps to get some inspiration and don’t forget to check out our Instagram page too!

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