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We’re passionate about leather watch strap replacements

Here at Paul Twice, we are all about reimagining and modernising original watches that hold significance to their owner. Why do we care so much about bringing older watches back to life? Because we understand that watches are more than merely timekeepers. They’re the hearts to our wrists, the gentle reminders of past memories and pressing futures, they’re a luxury and a practicality. Without our trusty watch at our wrist, we would feel as though something important were missing - and it would be.

A strap that accents your watches personality

Unfortunately, over time watch straps become muffled, marked and torn. Our purpose in life is to bring luxury, comfort and a sense of the new to watches that have meaning and personality. Our watch straps bring out the charisma in every watch and exenterate their unique qualities.


Materials we offer

Enough about why we do what we do, let’s get down to the reason you’re visiting our site - to buy a new watch strap! Now, we offer three types of quality leather watch straps in a variety of luxurious colours that can spruce up any watch face. From Horween leather to Cordovan leather and Goat-suede, every watch strap crafted has been designed for optimal comfort, without compromising on looks.

Our watch strap craftsmen are devoted to maintaining a stunning aesthetic and premium quality. This is why our handmade leather watch straps are of exceptional standards and are highly sought after by many watch enthusiasts alike.  


Luxury watch straps leather

The leather that we source our watch straps from are of the finest standard and are cared for by master craftsmen. So, you can be certain that any type of leather you decide on will be of remarkable class.


Horween leather

Our premium range of Horween watch strap leather is an unparalleled blend of beauty, quality and craftsmanship excellence. We take pride in our Horween leather straps because they are of the most classic material on offer that are produced using bark re-tannage, from a trademark recipe. This ‘pull up’ leather brings a sense of sophistication to any watch face and a touch of class to your outfit.

After the secret recipe is put in place, the horween chromexcel leather is genuine hot-stuffed with oils and greases, that make up a top-secret blend. Finally, it will be hand rubbed to a faultless finish and ready to be crafted into our watch straps.

Our Horween leather watch straps come in three colours that allow you the room to find the flawlessly well-suited strap to your character. 

These colours include:

  • classically elegant black
  • vintage brown
  • subtle yet striking natural Horween leather


The best watches to pair Horween with

Horween leather watch straps fit perfectly with chronograph watches because of their striking hand-rubbed finish. We would highly recommend pairing our Horween leather watch straps with the Omega Speedmaster, IWC Portuguese, Rolex Submariner or the Heuer Carrera.


Cordovan leather

Cordovan leather is a very high-class leather made from the shell (fibrous flat muscle) of a horse. It is known as an equine leather and is considered to be one of the most durable leather produced.

This leather is of such high-quality due to the process in which it is made; taking at the very least six months to craft. The first step to take in the production of Cordovan leather is to tan, stuff, shave and polish the irregular oval shells. Once this is complete, the leather will then be slowly steeped in gentle vegetable liquors, hot-stuffed and finally dried.

Our cordovan leather watch straps are available in two stunning options that can dress up any outfit, for any occasion.

These colours include:

  • confident and clean cranberry
  • deep and whimsical whisky

In other words, red and brown. But that’s just boring and these cordovan leather watch straps deserve more than just the ordinary. They deserve extraordinary names because they bring extraordinary vibes to even the simplest outfits.


The best watches to pair Cordovan with

Cordovan straps are subtle and elegant, which is why they suit seamlessly well with dress watches. Just like, the luxury swiss Vacheron Constantin or the chronometer self-winding Rolex Datejust.



Our soft-textured and extra comfy suede straps come in three colours, of which include:

  • cognac
  • hunting grey
  • mocha goat-suede

The suede texture gives these straps a vintage-style and a matt effect, which works perfectly for everyday use.

Although goat-suede is a lovely alternative to leather, it can require more care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining its texture. With this said, all you need to do to clean your goat-suede watch strap, is to gently brush it in all directions with a soft brush. A toothbrush would work well, as strange as it sounds.

Luckily, seen as a watch strap is only a small item, you won’t need to do too much cleaning. Besides, you won’t want to over clean your goat-suede watch strap, as that would cause more damage than good.

Which is why, we would recommend giving it a brush only when it appears dirty or dull in colour.



Our bespoke leather watch straps come in a variety of sizes to fit all. If you are unsure of which size watch strap you’ll need follow this simple guide:

Firstly, you’ll need to be aware that watch straps are measured by the width of the strap end that is attached to your watch face. Now, check your original strap for its sizing and if it doesn’t have one, you’ll require measuring the distance between the lugs of your watch face.


What are the lugs?

The ‘lugs’ refer to the two metal tips that your watch strap gets secured into when being fitted.

Notably, you should always measure the width in centimetres, as millimetres is the typical measurement for watch straps. It’s important you measure in centimetres as inches will be too large when converting to millimetres. This means the accuracy will not be as precise as measuring in centimetres.


We offer three sizes:

  • 18mm leather watch strap
  • 20mm leather watch strap
  • 22mm leather watch strap



You want to opt for a watch strap that highlights your existing watch case/face. Which is why you’ll be wanting to consider the type of watch you own and the style it already is. Is it an elegant watch, or a military-type? Perhaps it’s a chunky, bold watch that would look silly with a slim, more formal watch strap.

A great example of choosing the best watch strap style to your watch, would be looking at Chronograph watch faces. They look elegant and sleek with a smooth Horween leather watch strap, but would look out-of-place with a clunky metal watch strap.  

Whereas, a military or sea-diving styled watch would be better suited to a harsher, bulkier looking watch strap to complement its design.

Our watch straps are there to enhance the beauty your watch face already has. The luxury watch straps leather that we provide you should transform an outfit from ‘nice’ to ‘show-stopping’.

But you can only get this ‘show-stopping’ nature with a replacement leather watch strap that encourages further perfection in your watch.


Choose the watch strap that calls to you

Another consideration to take a look at before making your purchase is to choose a watch strap that screams out your name. A strap that is exploding with the potential to show off your personality traits. Choose the one that you’ll enjoy wearing and peering down at to catch the time. Most importantly, choose the strap that you love.


Size chart

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