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Beige Suede - extended description




An excellent classic watch strap but more neutral in character, so it’s very easy to pair with most gold and steel watches as well as fits most occasions. 

This deliciously designed two-piece watchband has a classic tapered shape and looks very well on a wrist. Carefully and skilfully made by hand of authentic goat suede, this beige watch strap is lined with vegetable-tanned calf leather for a comfortable fit and wear. 

As a more neutral in character, this strap works well with most watches and is suitable both for everyday use and different less or more formal occasions. It’s very robust though it looks rather delicate so it doesn’t overwhelm a watch but just the opposite - it allows to emphasise its main features. It fits both elegant suit watches like Rolex Datejust as well as watches more vintage in style and such classic watches like Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submariner. The strap doesn’t strike the eyes violently so emphasises very well each exceptional watch.  

Soft fluffy goat suede and calm neutral colouration cause that our beige suede watch strap combines comfortable wearing and irresistible charm. Though it seems to be delicate, this durable strap should serve you for long years. As it works excellent with almost every watch face, it should be a versatile addition to your collection.

The strap looks excellent with watches of IWC, Rolex and Omega world famous brands and fits the timeless classic style. It matches especially well with long-sleeve shirts or jackets and trousers in classic colours, i.e. white, dark blue and black. So, you can proudly wear your beige suede watch strap both for everyday and for different occasions.   

This beige watchband is composed of 2 parts. A longer part is 115mm long, the shorter one has 75 mm of length. Both parts gently taper: a longer part - towards the end with holes, a shorter one - towards a buckle and loops.  

A rectangular, with rounded corners and subtly curved edges, buckle is crafted of quality stainless steel featuring gentle metallic gloss. A brand logo is engraved on a bottom surface of the buckle, on a front edge.    

This classic watch strap of soft goatskin suede is very nice to the touch so very comfy to wear. It’s lined with natural calfskin leather featuring a subtly textured surface with a delicate gloss and an irregular pattern with venation. A longer part of this strap features a brand name and a brand logo embossed on the bottom surface of lining. 

This beige suede watch strap will look great not only on your wrist but it will also catch attention when lying, in the surrounding of books or various gadgets in lighter shades, on a desk or a shelf also finished in light colours. Such an excellent watchband combined with your favourite watch will give it a better look both at work and during various events. We hope it will meet your expectations and deliver much satisfaction both in formal and informal situations!

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