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Black Horween - extended description



If you like a timeless classic black colour and you’re looking for an attractive addition suitable both for everyday and elegant clothes, this watch strap will be an excellent accessory for you. One can even say that The Classic seems to be intended just for you! Indeed, this versatile classic watch strap will feel
great on your wrist.

Made by hand of first quality Chromexcel calf’s leather, this black watchband has a traditional tapered shape that effortlessly toes the line between smart and casual. Its versatility allows to wear it both with most casual clothes and elegant suits so it’s suitable both for everyday wear and for special occasions. Our black leather strap will emphasise very well a style of your Rolex, IWC, Omega or Patek Philippe both with black and white faces.

This classic watch strap of black Horween leather looks especially well with a long-sleeve shirts or jackets with fine black, grey and white checked patterns and dark grey or black jeans. It will also look great on a coffee table or desk surrounded by gadgets in red and black colours and against striped runners in grey and white colour schemes. You can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed by your guests.

The strap is crafted of excellent leather sourced from the renowned Horween tannery in the US. Each strap is individually cut and finished. Black stitching adds it aesthetics and elegance. Handcrafted by professional craftsmen, The Classic ensures a simple yet irrepressibly chic practically to any classic watch with a black or white face.

Thanks to special processing, this kind of leather allows to produce seamless watchbands. Such straps are made of a single layer of skin so they’re very robust and heavy-duty as well as they don’t come unstuck. They are about only 2mm thick and emphasise well both aesthetics and beauty of a watch. Such elastic and thin straps are also more convenient to wear.

The outer surface of the strap features a glossy black finish and subtly grained texture while its bottom surface is matte dark grey and a bit fluffy. Handmade stitches of robust glossy black nylon threads, protected with wax against UV-rays and moisture, are used only to fix a buckle, loops and shoulder lugs. Edges are protected against moisture, dirt and fraying with special colourless protective rubber, polishing and heating. It’s our original method resulting from years of experience in making watchbands.

A longer part of this strap has 115 mm of length and holes. A shorter 75mm-long part is equipped with a buckle. Each part gently tapers towards one of its ends. The rectangular buckle is made of stainless steel. A brand logo is embossed in a bottom part of the buckle, in the right corner of a front bar. A bottom surface of this watch strap is soft and fluffy. A brand logo and a brand name are embossed on it.

This leather strap will be an excellent purchase for each modern man that likes classic subdued colours such as black. Having such an elegant and versatile watchband, you can emphasize the style of your favourite watch either when wearing a suit during formal events or casual clothing for everyday use!

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