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Care Instructions for Suede


To keep a watch strap of goat suede with calfskin lining in a perfect condition as long as possible, first of all it is important to protect it against long-standing exposure to sunlight, dirt, water or moisture. For that reason, remove a watch e.g. before washing, showering, sailing, swimming as well as protect it against contact with paints, oil, grease, lubricants a.s.o. 

It’s important to make sure not to fasten your strap too tight because a lesser tension below the buckle will repay you with better longevity. 

It is normal that natural leather changes in appearance over time. It’s usually caused by absorption of sweat, water or moisture. As a result, suede turns darker and stains can appear. 

To clean goat suede don’t use water as it stains suede. It is best to use special suede cleaning kits. Such a kit usually includes a special eraser and a cleaning brush. They allow you to remove dirt and to fluff up fibres.

A metal buckle of brushed stainless steel one can clean by wiping it with a soft gently damped cloth (but pay attention so as not to wet suede).

Quality is our top priority and all Paul Twice straps are built to last. However, durability of your goat suede watch strap will also depend on how it is looked after.

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