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Cognac Suede - extended description

Probably every modern man wants to have the world within his grasp. For this reason he needs an all-round accessory with effortless style, which he would wear proudly as a kind of a symbol of his nature. Such an accessory will certainly be The Marc - a watch strap available in our brand shop with the finest straps. 

The Marc is a classic two-piece watchband. Both pieces have standard length 115 and 75mm. The strap is made of quality subtle fluffy suede of goatskin. It’s finished in eye-catching cognac shades i.e warm light brown shades with beautiful orange undertones, resembling also honey mixed with amber. It refers to a retro style of the 60’s and 70’s when that colour was a real hit. 

Thanks to its subtle elegance this goat suede watch strap fits most styles and watches. You will certainly wear it with great pleasure in different circumstances. Who knows? Maybe it will be a classy addition to your collection of elegant straps or might inspire you to start one if you haven’t already.  

Its warm cognac colour will seduce you and your friends. It works very well with most watches and styles. However, this intense cognac colour emphasizes especially the patina of vintage style watches. It suites vintage Rolex brand watches in particular. 

Thanks to a classic tapered shape this watchband fits perfectly to a wrist. The strap rests easy on the wrist also thanks to the soft suede exterior and vegetable-tanned calf leather lining. The Marc harmonises especially well with jackets and long-sleeve shirts in bluish tones and dark blue or black trousers or jeans. 

Such a comfortable, durable, and elegant watch strap of cognac goat suede will certainly attract people’s attention for more than a few seconds. It gently toes the line between casual and elegant. So, wherever you will wear it, this watchband will rise to the occasion.

Both a longer part of the strap and a shorter one gently taper towards a tip and a buckle, respectively. Lining of quality calfskin leather is finished in mid-brown tones. Its surface is subtly textured and features a delicate irregular pattern with venation. Lining of a longer piece features embossed both a Paul Twice brand name and a logo. 

A simple classic buckle is made of durable brushed stainless steel with delicate metallic gloss. This rectangular buckle has rounded corners and gently curved edges. It features a brand logo - two intertwined letters P -  embossed on a bottom surface of a front edge. 

Robust nylon threads are heavy-duty. High quality wax effectively protects them against UV rays, moisture and dirt. Threads are in a shade similar to the colour of the strap but they are slightly lighter. 

As The Marc, our cognac suede watch strap, will harmonise well with your favourite watch and clothing, it will help you to improve your style as well as reinvent the nature of your favourite watch. As its lucky owner, thanks to its refreshed look you will always feel comfortable and trendy.
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