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Mocha Suede - extended description

A watch strap ideal for a man going for a classic style. This classic mocha suede strap is ever trendy just like a timeless classic style of dressing. It matches rather simple but elegant clothing, that is it combines ‘elegance in simplicity’. 

This deliciously designed watchband features a deep brown dark chocolate-like shade. A classic tapered shape of The Mocha allows for a casual yet refined look. This handcrafted suede watch strap is lined with quality vegetable-tanned calf leather to guarantee a comfortable fit and wear.

Both soft goat suede and rich chocolate shade give this mocha strap irresistible charm. Its durable design ensures that your mocha suede watchband should endure even years of wearing. It may be a subtle stylish companion for any watch face and an attractive addition to your wrist.

Our mocha suede watchband pairs very well both with gold and steel watches. It looks especially excellent with watches of IWC, Rolex and Omega brands and fits the classic style of clothing. It works perfectly with long-sleeve shirts and jackets in light colours e.g. white or off-white with bluish undertones, patternless or with delicate irregular patterns, and trousers in light colours with delicate brownish undertones. The strap harmonises well with simple men bracelets made of small round or circular wooden elements finished in intense mid-brown tones with subtle shine.  

Our mocha suede watch strap consists of 2 parts. A longer, 115mm part, has 7 holes for adjusting the strap, the shorter, 75mm one - a buckle and loops. 

A rectangular buckle with rounded corners and subtly curved edges is made of quality brushed stainless steel and features delicate metallic gloss. This robust and heavy-duty buckle features a brand logo embossed on a bottom surface of a front edge.    

Our watchband of goatskin suede in a dark chocolate-like mocha shade is soft and very nice to the touch. Lining, made of vegetable-tanned calfskin leather, features a glossy surface, subtly texture with delicate irregular venation and brown colouration though lighter than a mocha tone. A brand name and logo are embossed on a longer part of the watch strap, on its bottom surface. Edges don’t fray because they are finished with an excellent Italian high-end edge paint, which is widely used by luxury leather goods manufacturers. 

The Mocha is hand-stitched with durable nylon threads in a brown shade lighter than mocha is. Thanks to quality wax threads are non-fading as well as moisture and UV-resistant.     

What’s also important, this mocha suede strap will look great not only on a wrist. It can also be an excellent eyecatcher lying e.g. on a coffee table in front of a fireplace. Surrounded by books or magazines and pieces of wood against a beige, grey or ashy runner, the strap will certainly strike eyes of your friends. So, if you search a watchband perfect for your style, you can stop searching because you’ve just found it!

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