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Olive Suede Watch Strap

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La Mancha

Boast magnificence with La Mancha, named after the windswept region famous for its olive plantations. A fine goat suede exterior, together with a vegetable-tanned calf leather lining, allows for comfortable opulence that feels perfectly secure on your wrist. Its slight nature complements this, and enhances the star of the show: the watch face.

With a tapered shape and charismatic colour, it sets the benchmark for elegance. The UV-resistant waxed nylon threads maintain a sense of authority, whilst you enjoy the pleasure of knowing that only two people have called this strap their own – you, and the maker that hand-crafted it. With this unique piece on your wrist, being asked for the time will have never felt so good.

Strap length: 115 / 75 mm

Thickness: 2.3 millimeters

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